Welcome to the SpeedCrunch manual! SpeedCrunch is a high-precision scientific desktop calculator. It features a syntax-highlighted scrollable display and is designed to be fully used via keyboard. Some distinctive features are auto-completion of functions and variables, a formula book, and quick insertion of constants from various fields of knowledge. It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux in a number of languages. We hope you have fun with SpeedCrunch!

This documentation is divided into three major parts:

  • The User Guide serves as a user manual that can be read from beginning to end. It presents all the features of SpeedCrunch and how to use them effectively.
  • The Reference documents all the built-in functions, constants, and units that are included with SpeedCrunch. It’s not intended to be read page by page, but it is still very useful to look up how a particular function is used.
  • Finally, Advanced Topics covers more specialized topics that may be of interest, but are not necessary to use SpeedCrunch. For instance, it explains how to create custom color schemes.

For a complete overview, see the full table of contents.